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Just a little tea shoppe nestled in a quaint Mountain Village
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This place is a must see when traveling to Idyllwild! The people are amazing, the items they have in stock are beautiful and at an excellent price! We were soo intrigued by everything that we forgot to leave with some of their tea!!! Good thing we can order online. I will definitely be returning with every visit we make to Idyllwild.

Summer M.
Blue Orchid Oolong
Country of Origin: Fujian Provence, China

Aside from its enchanting heritage, Blue Orchid Oolong is truly exceptional in the cup - layers of orchid blend with notes of minerals, wheat bread and hints of dry white wine on the finish – an exceptional tea. In some parts of rural China this exceptional tea is known as the compassionate oolong. The name stems from an ancient legend that highlights the benevolence of Guan Yin and the leaf style of the Blue Spring. According to the legend, there was a village that was suffering from a great drought. The local tea crop the villagers relied on for income had all but withered away to nothing. In desperation the villagers began to make offerings of what little they had to the only deity they though might be able to help, Guan Yin. Who eventually saved the village by tipping over a pitcher of water. At the spot where its contents spilled out, a miraculous spring of water began to gush out of the dry ground. The village was saved and decided that to honor the goddess. They began adding delicate blue mallow flower petals to their tea to represent the crystal blue water of the miraculous spring.
Country of Origin: Nandi Highlands, Kenya
Fair Trade
A clean and smooth green tea that is unlike any other green tea on the market providing a flavor of crisp asparagus, fresh cabbage and toasted oats. The whole tea leaves steep multiple infusions of vibrant green liquor. A must-have for any green tea drinker!
Artisanal tea leaves… You will be amazed at the giant tea leaves steeping deliciousness in your cup. Once unfurled, you can see the actual whole leaf that the farmer carefully hand-plucked from their Nandi Hills tea garden.
The only tea from Kenya plucked, processed and shipped from small-scale farmers! Pesticide free. No chemicals are ever sprayed on the tea leaves.
Glowing Green
New Flavors
Purple Leaf
Country of Origin: Nandi Highlands, Kenya
Fair Trade
Make room Green, Black and Oolong, because Purple Tea is here! This is an exciting brand new category of tea. The reason it is called Purple Leaf Tea is because purple leaves naturally grow this colour on the tea bush!
This is not a GMO plant, it is completely natural and part of the tea family (Camellia Sinensis Assamica). The reason the leaves are purple is because they contain the super antioxidants: Anthocyanins. These are the same antioxidants that make other plants purple: like our favourite grapes, blueberries, pomegranates, and acai berries. Purple Leaf Tea is also a colour changing tea… squeeze a couple drops of lemon into your tea cup and watch the purple colour intensify. Be the first to try this beautiful new tea!
An intresting flavor, combining rhubarb pie, exotic flowers and fresh vegetal undertones.
Mountain Huckleberry

The huckleberry is a flavory wild berry. Find full berry fruitiness with mountain freshness in this tea.
Mount Kenya Estate
Mount Kenya, Kenya
Fair Trade

A sip of our Mount Kenya Estate black tea transports you to the lush, rolling green hills of Mount Kenya. This tea is fresh, malty, and smooth, but packs a serious hit of flavor. Sweet and complex on its own, but equally superb with a splash of milk and sugar to start the day off right!
Mt Kenya
More on Purple Tea
Now you can easily enjoy and expand your tea experience with monthly deliveries sent straight to your home or office. They’re available in Blacks, Green & Whites, Just the Basics, Caffeine Free or Medicinal Herbs. You can join for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time. They make a great gift for the tea lover in your life too!
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Mt Kenya
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