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Flavored and Blended Teas
Black Merlot
Black tea that has been blended with Papaya, Hibiscus, Currants, Bilberries, Elderberries, Strawberries and Raspberries. The result is an astonishing aroma reminiscing of a fine Merlot wine. The fruit blend has a flavor somewhat similar to that of Blackberries.
The good quality tea utilized is from Vietnam. The fine and pretty whole black leaves produce a medium bodied cup with a dark golden liquor. The full round taste at a reasonable price really need not fear any competition from neighboring China. With light undertones of fruit and hints of grass, the tea provides the perfect compliment to the fruits added to it.
An outstanding tea which may be served any time of the day. Lightly sweet, medium bodied, flavorful and fragrant, producing a reddish liquor. You will also find that this blend makes an exceptional iced tea.
Black Velvet
Delivers a smooth velvet taste that relaxes and encourages recuperation. Ginseng, Peppermint, Licorice are incorporated combined together with a China Black tea to produce this fine blend. Gently soothing on the throat while opening the mind and invigorating the body.
The black tea that is used has a deep winey, almost orchid-like flavor and splendid dark red color. The aroma has hints of pine and floweriness that with the added herbs creates the very distinctive and balanced taste. This is a wonderful delight, morning, afternoon or evening. Full of flavor, try it hot or iced.
Blessed Obsession
A blend of Vietnamese black tea, rooibos, vanilla, chocolate, almond and coconut. Somewhat reminisant of an Almond Joy candy bar. Mild texture & assertive flavor created within the comforting folds of Vanilla, Chocolate Bits and coconut. This blend makes an excellent desert tea and takes sweeteners and cream very well.
Elegant & refined. It has "big" fruity, berry flavor. What truly good uncluttered flavored teas are all about. This full-bodied tea has become a traditional favorite in fine restaurants all over America.This tea is made from top grade Anhui Province Black Tea with natural bold medley of ripened Cassis (black currant) flavoring. When brewed this tea produces a bright coppery color liquid with a delectable and naturally sweet cup and with touches of mild astringency. A fantastic fruit tea.
Dark Caramel
Keemun Black with Rooibos and caramel flavoring. Keemun is one of the most popular congou (black) teas. Because of its deep winey, almost orchid-like flavor and splendid dark red color, it is often referred to as the "Burgundy of teas". The aroma of Keemun is fruity, with hints of pine and floweriness which creates the very distinctive and balanced taste. It contains less caffeine than Assam teas. This leaf with its distinctive fragrance has long been the favorite tea of the Queen of England. Rooibos is an earthy South African herb (Asplathus linearis) that translates to “Red Bush” (often mislabeled as Red Tea). Dark Caramel is typically enjoyed hot, without milk or sugar; however it goes well with milk and sweeteners as well.
Gauguin’s Impression
An intriguing blend sure to be a favorite. Stand alone fragrances and tastes that blend together like colors swirling in a tropical island sunset. A black tea base infused with Tahitian Vanilla accompanied by French Lavender. It is said that Vanilla calms the nerves, lifts the spirits and improves the romantic aspect of one’s life. Fragrant French Lavender flowers stir delicate, lingering memories of a romantic realm. With the first sip the lavender is lightly noticeable. The vanilla creeps up behind as the liquor leaves your palate. Two distinct and separate tastes blending into one. A memorable experience
Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls
Certified Organic
The superb fresh bouquet, delicate flavor and unique leaf shape make this an extra special tea. We recommend placing 12 to 20 of the pearls in a clear glass cup to watch their unfurling. It consists of two leaves and bud. Dragon Phoenix Pearl gets its name from the tea bushes "climbing the hillsides like a Dragon rising from the waters". It is grown in a mountainous area near the border of the Fujian and Jiangxi provinces. The tea is plucked in April and May and stored until August when the finest jasmine blossoms are in bloom. In the early evening the flowers begin to open with a popping sound which is the signal for the scenting to begin. Once open, the "mating" of the jasmine and tea leaves takes place in several applications, each taking up to four hours, after which the jasmine petals are removed. Once the petals are removed each leaf and bud set are skillfully hand rolled into a tiny pearl size ball. Excellent for multiple infusions.
Kyoto Cherry Rose Festival
Pan fried Green Tea blended with Rose Petals and Flavorings. Light liquoring with reasonable depth and body. The cherry flavoring and subtle rose hints give the tea a wonderful exotic character. Flavored tea is a relatively new phenomena in Japan and combining flavors with roses and Japanese style green tea is almost considered avant garde'. Several centuries ago Koyoto was the religious capital of Japan. During the springtime this area of Japan is ablaze with new season cherry blossoms and the air is filled with sweet aroma. The rose petals in this blend are intended to simulate these delicate cherry blossoms and the flavor is reminiscent of the beautiful smells waft on the springtime breezes. Simply stunning. A blend of high quality green tea with sweet cherry and morning rose flavor. A tea to remember.
Midnight Blue
Blueberry flavor encompasses the delicate aroma and flavor of Vietnamese black tea. Like a clear and starry night wrapping around a full moon. Not only do they taste great, but blueberries also have a long history of use for medicinal purposes. Even today, contemporary doctors and natropaths promote the use of blueberries for its health benefits. Vietnamese tea refers to chiefly black tea tea produced within Vietnam. A wonderful delicate black that can easily be enjoyed all day long. Great both hot or cold!
Monk's Blend
Medium bodied and flavory with piquant Ceylon character. Blended with natural flavor oils of vanilla and grenadine, which impart a smooth and unique heavenly flavor. Certainly a ‘mysterious’ blend despite being a delicious mixture of grenadine and vanilla. Perhaps first created by Tibetan monks – infused with universal life energy, this tea is a perfect all day treat; sweet and toasty with a touch of dryness and a subtle bouquet. Originally, it is believed that this blend was developed by monks to support their life’s desires, especially the work that they did all by hand. Tea is an item that these monks considered good for the soul. Franciscan monks used to drink this tea to keep them awake during long periods of meditation. It is fair to say that this is an ancient and harmonious blend, as it is also used by Buddhist and Taoist monks.
Moroccan Mystery
Tea blended with mint is one of the oldest variations in the world of tea. In Morocco where it is called Eqama, people have been adding fresh mint leaves to tea for at least a thousand years. We think you'll be delighted by this tea. The characteristically intense flavor of the herb infuses sweet minty notes that blend beautifully with the tea's mellow and slightly smoky profile. The particular tea we've used is Royal Ceylon Gunpowder from Sri Lanka. The leaves are steamed as soon as they are plucked and then hand-rolled into small round pellets. Once immersed in water, these pellets gracefully open to reveal a full leaf. Gunpowder teas typically have a dark coppery green color, and produce a pale yellowy green infusion, with a smooth, slightly smoky cup with a sweetish finish. The tea is highly receptive to the addition of mint and produces a very satisfying brew. Make yourself a pot today and enjoy a cup of this minty fresh tea! This one is unbelievable over ice.
Oriental Spice
A very exciting tea with a fragrant aroma accompanied by a flavor of orange spice, which will warm up the coldest of winter nights or enhance an exotic evening. This tea also makes a warming morning energizer as well as an afternoon pick me up being tangy and vibrant. With ice this tea is a refreshing drink, with an exquisite combination of flavor and fragrance.
Comprised of a delicate China and Ceylon blend base that has been refined with the finest spices and flavorings and then rounded off with tangy natural orange and creamy vanilla. Tending bright and coppery notes.
Raspberry Black
The full raspberry character. Try adding a pinch of sugar to accentuate the flavor. Bright and Coppery. Contains luxury black tea, freeze dried raspberry, blackberry leaves, rose petals and natural flavors. Raspberries grow on a cane – were you aware of this fact? The raspberry offers more than just good taste providing many familiar and unfamiliar nutritional qualities. Recently there has been new research looking at raspberries as an antioxidant. Couple this with the known natural goodness of the antioxidants in tea and you have a healthy winner! This tea is particularly refreshing with ice – another reason to try raspberry tea. Add a pinch of sugar as the sugar binds with the raspberry flavor molecules, intensifying the distinctive taste. Raspberries have been used for generations by the Shoshone Indians for their medicinal properties. Combined with the properties of black tea, the two together make a healthy and delicious combination. The name is given in the honor of their traditions.
Raspberry Truffle
The full raspberry and chocolate flavors create a wonderful remembrance of Raspberry Truffles. Try adding a pinch of sugar to accentuate the flavor. Bright and Coppery. Contains luxury black tea, freeze dried raspberry, blackberry leaves, rose petals, rooibos, apple, vanilla, chocolate bits and natural flavors. Makes a marvelous dessert all by itself.
*Contains Trace Amounts of Dairy.
Southern Belle
Memories of a frech cut Georgia peach this blend offers an exquisite and beautiful blend with A kaleidoscope of colors. Contains green and black base tea, rose petals, rose leaves, sunflower petals and a distinctive peachy note. One of our best selling flavored tea!
Great either hot or iced.
Strawberry Fields
A delightful, fruity blend of a sweet, aromatic tang of strawberries nestled among the sweet, fresh notes of green tea. A lazy, comfortable tea that gives you a moment and then inspires action. As dazzling and a delight to look at as it is to drink. 1629 is the date assigned to the introduction of the Scarlet Strawberry from Virginia, and the earliest mention of the Strawberry in English writings is in a Saxon plant list of the tenth century, and in 1265 the 'Straberie' is mentioned in the household roll of the Countess of Leicester. Sweet and fruity, a delightful tea that can be enjoyed either hot or cold.
Tahitian Nights
This rich and thick flavor evokes a warm ‘Welcome Home’! A dash of sugar can add to an already delicious flavor. Bright and Coppery. Contains luxury black tea, sunflower, calendula petals and natural flavors Magical properties! It is said that Vanilla calms the nerves, lifts the spirits and improves the romantic aspect of one’s life. Did you know that vanilla is the only edible fruit of the orchid family. There are two types of vanilla that are used for commercial purposes – Bourbon and Tahitian. It is the worlds most labor intensive agricultural crop, taking up to three years after the vines are planted, before the first flowers appear. As there are about 150 varieties of vanilla, it is certainly a flavoring agent that is suited to one’s personal tastes. You will enjoy this cup of tea!
Thai Tea
Thai tea (also known as Thai iced tea) or "cha-yen". A combination of Thai tea leaves and spices. Black Orange Pekoe tea combined with Star Anise, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Hibiscus, Orange and Vanilla.
Preparation: Bring the water to a boil in a large saucepan. Add the tea and remove the pan from heat. Stir to submerge all the tea leaves in the water. Steep for about 5 minutes. Pour the brew through a coffee filter or a fine-mesh strainer into a large pitcher. Add the sugar to the hot tea and stir to
dissolve. Cool to room temperature. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.
To serve: Fill tall glasses with crushed ice. Add enough of the tea to fill the glasses to within 1 inch from the top. Then float 3 to 4 tablespoons of milk over the ice in each glass.
Ginger Peach
The essence of fresh peach combined with the distinct, flavorful tingle of spicy ginger. This blend offers an exquisite and beautiful blend with a kaleidoscope of colors. Contains green and black base tea, rose petals, rose leaves, sunflower petals, ginger and a distinctive peachy note. One of our best selling flavored tea! Great either hot or iced!
We also prepare custom blends. So no matter if you’re seeking something for either flavor or effect, we can help you out.

Along with what is shown here, we have over 200 more blend recipes on file.

If there is anything we can put together for you, just let us know.
Golden Starfruit

Green Tea, orange peel, mango flakes, freeze-dried starfruit slices and mango cubes, flavoring, safflower. The carambole is no stranger in our hemisphere any longer. The decorative fruity stars decorate the hippest and most desired cocktails in many swanky lounges. We have combined our “star” with two other exotic fruits, the all-time classic mango as well as fresh papaya. Together, they perfectly complement the green tea base. The radiant “stars” and flakes in combination with golden fruit cubes and orange peel dominate the visual aspect of this blend.
Lemon Twister
Fairy Garden
Almond Amore'
White tea, apple pieces, chipped almonds, cinnamon, beetroot pieces, flavoring, calendula petals.
A subtle almond enhanced tea. This blend offers a touch of the delicious notes of roasted almond pastries that are sure to put anyone in a warm mood. The mild nutty sweetness comes through in the cup nicely without overpowering the actual flavor of the tea itself. Give it a try for something new and unique.
*This product contains nuts.


Green tea, lemon myrtle, ginger and lemon peel.
A classic blend that is great in treating colds, flu and upset stomachs. A spicy and invigorating drink that can boost energy. The heat and the ginger warms you right up. The steam, lemon and the ginger help clear those sinuses, and with the addition of a little honey, will soothe that scratchy throat. You’ll find this tea not only gives relief, but also works on stimulating your metabolism and immune system as well.
It’s great both hot or cold!


White tea, rose petals, calendula, cornflowers, jasmine flowers and lavender flowers.
 “I perhaps owe becoming a painter to flowers.” Claude Monet
With a bouquet of aroma and taste sensations abounding, I’m sure that he would have loved this astonishing floral blend!
A colorful and magical, floral explosion! The flavor actually seems to change in the cup as you will notice the nuances of the different flowers coming through to tantalize your taste buds..
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What a find. Never drank teas before happening upon this eclectic tea store but I love it! Not just for their knowledge and numerous teas from all over but for all the other things I want and buy there. I love the ambiance and the energy, the wind chimes as well as the incense and the artsy things I find. Recommend this to anyone. Stock up if you live further away. I am lucky, I live on the hill!

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Osmanthus Dragon Pearls
Wonderful tasting green tea pearls with osmanthus flowers wrapped inside. The osmanthus flowers provide light nuances of apricot and peach.Dragon Pearl is hand crafted from spring-harvested leaf buds from Fujian, China. While Dragon Pearls are usually reserved for the base of jasmine teas, we have found this unique offering to present to our tea connoisseurs. The buds are handpicked, then steamed and individually rolled by hand.
Drop 5 - 10 pearls into a cup, pour hot water over the pears and watch them unfurl into a delicous, sweet, fragrant cup. Good for several infusions
Summer Splash
Jump into summer fun with this refreshing white tea blend! Extra large flakes and cubes of juicy, exclusively exotic fruits form the base of this low in acid blend. This already artful taste was further enhanced by a particularly sweet and fresh flavor combination. A fruit tea blend of highest rank!
Served cold, it’s bright and flavorful mango, citrus and pineapple flavor is just the cure for the dog days of summer. Great when served hot too!
Contains camellia senensis, pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), mango cubes (mango, sugar), pineapple and mango flakes, orange slices, flavoring, freeze-dried tangerine-orange pieces, safflower, marigold blossoms, and freeze-dried strawberry slices.
Lychee Black
Lychee is a sweet, delicious, tropical fruit that received its great popularity in Asia. With an superb flavor, lychee tea is created with black tea that has been scented with aromatic lychee peels. When the tea is brewed, you will notice that it has an interesting and lovely brownish-red hue that is complimented with a sweet yet light, honey-like taste. You may be astonished by its strong, yet pleasantly fruity and sweet aroma. Aside from drinking this tea in the traditional way, lychee tea is also perfect as iced tea or served hot with cream and sugar like often experienced with English Breakfast varieties. If this tea is prepared with milk and sugar, you can make the extremely popular Taiwanese Boba, bubble tea drinks with tapioca.
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Yerba Mate
merkaba001010.jpg merkaba001009.jpg
Blooming Artisan Teas
Monkey King Jasmine
This melodic coupling of fragrant petals & light, sweet tea produce a palate for romance. This exceptional scented jasmine starts with a very flavorful and delicate leaf. For seven nights fresh jasmine flowers are layered into the tea. The dry tea leaves steal the floral essence and preserve it for your pleasure. Jasmine is, without a doubt, one of the world's great teas. China produces seven quality grades of Jasmine tea. Monkey King Jasmine has young leaves and the spent jasmine blossoms have been removed. It has an intoxicating aroma and a balanced and delicate flavor.
Merkaba Website
Mountain Bourbon
A blend of Smokey Black teas, Rooibo, apple pieces, chipped almonds, caramel pieces, cinnamon, beetroot pieces, calendula petals, natural flavorings.
Tangerine Twist
Origin: China
Pai Mu Dan white tea, orange peels, marigolds
with orange tangerine flavor.
Island Cabana
Black tea with shredded coconut and coconut flavor
White Apricot
Bold, bright with sweet apricot notes and somewhat tart. Contains White Tea, dried apple pieces, Hibiscus, Rosehip, dried orange peel, Calendula petals, Natural flavors. Bold, bright with sweet apricot notes and somewhat tart. This blend, despite the tart nature, has the softness and exotic flavor of sweet apricots. To enhance the flavor try adding a bit of sugar or stevia. The sweetner combines with the natural flavors and intensifies the flavor. An additional benefit is that this blend contains Vitamin C. What could be better - a healthy drink that tastes GREAT!
Lady Xu Mu Jasmine Pearls
Country of Origin: China

With the enchanting, poetic jasmine quality of these hand picked and formed pearls, we thought that they deserved an equally impressive name. Therefore we decided to honor Lady Xu Mu when doing so.

Lady Xu Mu, of the Ji clan, was born in 690 BC in the Wei capital of Dingchang. She was a princess of the Wei State in the Spring and Autumn period (770-746 BC). She married Duke Mu of Xu, and became known as Lady Xu Mu.
Lady Xu Mu was the first recorded female poet in Chinese history. She was both appreciated by her contemporaries and admired by later generations. Her works include Bamboo pole, Spring Water and Speeding Chariot. Liu Xiang of the Western Han celebrated Lady Xu Mu, her bravery and patriotism, in his biography of her that appeared in his Heroines of Antiquity.