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SB-5 Singing Bowl Note G
SB-6 Singing Bowl note F#
SB-7 Singing Bowl note A
SB-11S Singing Bowl note E
 B-11M Singing Bowl note C
SB-11L Singing Bowl note C
SB-13 Singing Bowl note E
SB-16S Singing Bowl note E
SB-17S Singing Bowl note C
SB-17M Singing Bowl note B/C
SB-17L Singing Bowl note G
SB-20 Singing Bowl note F
SB-26s Singing Bowl note A
SB 26L Singing Bowl note B
SB 26m Singing Bowl note E
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SB 30s Singing Bowl note F
SB 30m Singing Bowl note C
SB 30L Singing Bowl note B
SB-15L Singing Bowl note D
SB-15s Singing Bowl note B
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A singing bowl is a type of a bell, shaped as a bowl. They come in many shapes and sizes. Ours are made using a combination of seven metals including; copper, tin, iron, zinc, lead, silver and gold.

Since the time of the historical Buddha Shakyamuni (560 - 489 B.C.E.) the harmonics of singing bowls have been used to induce meditation and assist spiritual seekers to the state of enlightenment. Originating in Tibet, today singing bowls are made throughout Asia in such areas as Nepal, India, China and Japan.

Vibration is the most essential characteristic of the bowl. For centuries the pure vibration of singing bowls have used for meditation, healing making music and purifying negative influences. Doctors have used them for diagnostics, Monks used them for offerings and Shamans used them for esoteric purposes.

 Sound waves are made of compressed air - in this case, the vibrating bowl "pushes" the air into little waves which travel outwards at a certain speed. The speed that a soundwave travels is directly related to its tone; higher tones travel faster than lower tones.

So, anything that affects the speed of a soundwave is going to affect its tone.... and there are two main things that do this. These are air temperature , and air pressure . Sound travels slower in cold air than in hot air, meaning that a bowl will play slightly lower tones on a winter night than on a summer afternoon. Sound also travels slower when the air pressure is greater, meaning that a bowl will play slightly lower tones at sea level (where the air is denser and air pressure is higher), than it will where the air is thinner -- say, at the top of a mountain.

To Play the bowl with The Wooden Mallet (or Pudja) , place your bowl on your non-dominate open palm, keep your hand as open and flat as possible to let the bowl resonate at it's full potential. Hold the wooden mallet in your dominate hand, Keeping your grip toward the center of the mallet so you have good leverage. It's not important how you hold the mallet, as long you have it up and at a slight angle, and it's comfortable enough to press firmly on the bowl. ( I like to hold my mallet like a pencil.) Now rub the mallet on the outer part of the rim, in a circular motion making sure you keep consistent contact with the bowl. As the bowl begins to sing try and press a little harder and play a little slower each time around, as to trap the sound so it doesn't chatter. The key is to play the bowl slow with pressure, try not to speed up. When it plays at a comfortable tone release the mallet quickly and away from your body.

Striking The Bowl: Holding your bowl again in your non-dominate open palmed hand. Strike the bowl either with a striker or the heel of your dominate hand, get close to the bowl and you'll hear yet another tone. Usually a bit deeper and very “Ohm” like sound. Which gives most people a very relaxing sensation
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SB 32 Singing Bowl
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G S Singing Bowl note F
G M Singing Bowl note D
G L Singing Bowl note B
SB OMs Singing Bowl note G#
SB OMm Singing Bowl note E
SB OML Singing Bowl note A
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