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Hot Snaps
Fit nicely into most palms! (4" diam., ~4 oz each)
 Instant EZ heat at the click of a button.
 Also used for heated massage therapy.
This size fits nicely into most pockets! (3" x 5" rectangular., ~7 oz. each)
Our Reusable Pocket Warmers (3" x 5") and filled with 15% more fluid.
Longer lasting heat! (50-60 mins. each).
A super-charged reusable Pocket Warmer!
Large Rectangular HotSnapZ - 10" x 7"
 EZ click of the button provides instant heat. Heat in a click.
 This heat pack also fits our HotSnapZ Back Belt.
EW HotSnapZ Belt + Long Lasting Heat Pad
This new HotSnapz Belt has become a Staff and Customer favorite!
 Not only can this apply heat to the lower back area but the easy fastening Velcro straps make it easy to wrap most any part of the body.

 This 10" x 7" heat pack is the same as our LGRT Large rectangle HotSnapZ, our largest and longest lasting product.
In our testing, we are able to get 3+ hours of heat when used in the belt pouch.

Belt Details:
Length : 52 inches
 Height: 5.25" Belt Flaps, 8.625" Mid-section
 Easy Velcro belt attachments on both pouch and belt flap.
 Heat Pack Pocket: 11" x 8.25" - Velcro enclosure, one side
 Emroidered with logo. Allowing customers to find insructions and product support.
 Fit waists up to 50 inches. Larger waists can be accommodated by use of two belts.
 Multi-purpose, can be used as heat wrap for all body extremities.

Dimensions: 10" x 7"
 Weight: 22 ounces
 Rated Heat Duration: 3+ hours/use (*Used as directed)
Safe & Non-Toxic ingredients
 Self Regulating Heat temperature - Non-burning
Heart HotSnapZ fit nicely into most palms! (4.5" x 4.5", ~4 oz each)
Our new Neck and Shoulder heat pack measures 17.5" x 8". This product is a 3 cell designed product that easily conforms to the back of the neck and shoulder area. This product provide heat for 2-3 hours if used as directed.

HotSnapZ Instructions

To Activate

1. Flex metal disc 'Clicker' back and forth between both thumbs until crystals start to form.

2. Kneading pack to soften will intensify heat. (If the temperature is too extreme, wrap a thin towel around the heat pack before using.)

  1. Enjoy the Warmth and Comfort of HotSnapZ!

To Recharge/Reactivate

1. Place the hardened HotSnapZ heat pack into boiling water.

2. Be sure to elevate the product from the bottom surface of the pan. Use a heat resistant object such as a small platem utensil, rag or steamer rack.

3. Boil unitl ALL CRYSTALS are completely liquified, dissolved and melted. (Approx. 5-12 minutes)

Good rule of thumb is to boil until ALL crystals are dissolved and then boil for an additional 1-2 minutes. This will ensure all crystals have been properly dissolved.

4. Remove and allow your HotSnapZ to cool. Once cooled, your HotSnapZ may be used again.

**Warning: Do Not Microwave HotSnapZ Product Directly Alone in Microwave.
$12.00 for 2
$12.00 for 2
$12.00 for 2
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Yerba Mate
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